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Tel : +33 (0)4 82 33 85 10
9 quai André Lassagne, 69001 Lyon

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3 units to guide you

in the smooth development of your project

Our team is available to listen to your needs and to accompany you in your choices: which media to invest in, which technology to utilize, which trends are to be at watch.

The Akaru team has an extensive experience in project management and marketing, we can help you throughout the process to make the best decision for your global digital strategy.

Akaru considers each of your requests as a creativity challenge. From conception to ergonomics, from user experience to prototype, we commit to give exceptional attention and respect to your projects, your ideas and your identity.

But you can count on us for unexpected or off-the-wall suggestions and creations.

Akaru also offers you a strong technical expertise in interactive and animated solutions.

We take the same care of your web project as to its code. As we integrate, since the earliest steps, compatibility, referencing and performance standards, we can guaranty the accessibility and visibility of your final product on all your preferred media.

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